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Bedroom recording demos about what we talk when we talk about love. Brooklyn-based project formerly known as 'Youth Castles.' Set to release EP with Bleach Blonde soon.


Email/Press/Booking: sightseeingband@gmail.com
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Facebook: on.fb.me/pe0tF5
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released August 30, 2011



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Sight Seeing Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Feel
There are things I'd like to say, but I lock them away. When did love feel so fake? Is it about what you take?

What was the point of it all?

Memories burn in my head full of shame and regrets. You're my favorite tune, but it ended too soon.

Who's to blame for it all?

I don't want to feel, that it wasn't real.
Track Name: Dream Songs
I like the thought of you giving me a piece of your day. I was dreaming of you, and all those things you say. Sunday mornings with the sunlight on your face. I like the thought of us being in our favorite place.

Remember, when we slept in time was losing all its things? And you woke me, said, "good morning." I like how your voice just rings. And I love you like you love me, and it makes me feel okay. And we dreamed on, reading dream songs, and that was my favorite day.
Track Name: Sight Seeing
You say you don't love me, but I think you're lovely. Sightseeing—with you dancing. How pretty, you're just singing. Summer's here and I miss you, could you come back, could I kiss you?

I know I assumed somethings, based on my feelings.
You told me they're deceiving, you don't know the pain love could bring.

You say, "don't be sad." But you're all I have. I'm just lifting my eyes to you. They're mirrors of what I want to do. I'm only one of the broken few, it's a shame I'll be losing you.

I know I assumed somethings, based on my feelings.
You told me they're deceiving, you don't know the pain love could bring.
Track Name: Claudius
Have my heart, I need all of you. Floating apart, Facing what is true. When did it start? It hurts me that you do not know, I need all of you.

Keep me asking, say just something. “You’re mine”
Keep me longing, only hurting this time.
Swaying, turning, drifting. change your mind.

Vivid dreams, I’m seeing all of you. Walk next to me, suddenly i don’t feel so blue. Lucid sleep erasing what is true. Won’t wake up. Afraid of losing you.

Ignore me, quiet, silence you’re not mine.
Bitter, seeing, fleeting feelings this time.
I can’t change you from changing your mind.